Questions and answers

CO-Placement premium

Questions and answers

You are our client. We work for you. You pay.

Only TOTEM/CO-Placement does. Not until a specific meeting is arranged between you and the enterprise will your identity be revealed. And this is done only when you have consented to it.

You are completely anonymous. From case to case, we conceal gender, age and special identifiable characteristics etc.

No, you are not. A job must exist and the enterprise must accept you. And you must accept the enterprise. We are your agent and we represent you and we have a common interest in placing you in a new, good job.

First of all, congratulations. The payment for CO-Placement covers makeover of a CV and a LinkedIn profile, preparation and an acid test of a pitch talk, tests (personality and logic) as well as interviews and coaching. In addition, we commit ourselves to identify and contact enterprises. You are also welcome to present specific leads at any time. Thus, the payment includes more than the work of an agent and contact to enterprises. Nevertheless, we give you the possibility of extending the agent period free of charge if you do not find a position within the period defined by us jointly.

The better we know you and the more well-prepared you are, the higher your chances and the stronger your candidacy. Visible, qualified and relevant candidates will always be given priority but it is not a question of a preferential right as such.

If one of the enterprises we define as a target is a client of Totem’s or of our sister company AIMS’, we can without preference present you via our contact at the enterprise. In relation to all other enterprises, it is your agent who presents and represents you.

The payment is fixed irrespective of how many jobs you reject. If a position is rejected there is a reason for it. We must mutually learn from that and therefore the reasons are discussed between you and us as an evaluation and for learning in relation to the further targeted work.

TOTEM/CO-placement will assess the market and attend to your interests. However, it may be that you identify a possibility yourself. If so, we will contact the enterprise at your request and your candidacy is anonymous but fully represented.

You will in close cooperation with us. We will jointly prepare your gross CV so that you appear professional, reliable and sharp. It may be time consuming to prepare an expressive CV that sells but all the same you must yourself put pen to paper because that gives a good basis for your further process.

We at TOTEM/CO-placement will when your CV is in place. You will of course get it for comment and approval.

You will in cooperation with us. We will jointly prepare your LinkedIn profile so that you appear professional, obtain a high SSI (social selling index), are worth linking up with and are found very interesting to headhunters, HR employees and potential enterprises. The CV and the LinkedIn profile go together in the preparation process.

No. On the contrary. We collaborate with headhunters. At TOTEM/CO-placement, headhunters have an updated and selected candidate database. TOTEM itself performs recruitment tasks that we call selection with search. However, Target Oriented Search is not our business area – we leave that to others, such as our sister company AIMS.

Yes, as long as your (former) employer is aware and accepts that we report to you and work for you one hundred per cent.

No, the tax assessment authorities have given an opinion about this in relation to sportspersons and the conclusion is that the sportsperson cannot make a deduction for the amount. The same applies to you. In relation to a new enterprise, it signals determination and the utmost seriousness that you give so much priority to your career that you are willing to invest a specific (net) amount in it. If you are a foreign resident, there may be other tax rules and therefore you should consult a tax accountant to find out about this.

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