IN-Placement premium

For those who are looking for new employees at all levels

In brief, you attend to your business while we find your new employees

We perform the entire process. We make a broad search, e.g. through advertising and through our network. We also use our candidate database to identify candidates for you. This is called selection with search.

We have discussions and interviews with all relevant candidates and we test the candidates before we present you with the top 3-5 of them. We have thoroughly tested the process and it is an efficient model. Totem has many years of experience of recruitment and we have included the following in IN-Placement:

  • Preparation of a profile/job description
  • Marketing of the position (relevant media, advertising, candidate database etc.)
  • Additional identification of candidates via networks, research etc.
  • Screening of candidates
  • Personal interviews
  • Personality test
  • Logic test (IQ and learning speed)
  • Cases
  • Retrieval of references (before or after the presentation)
  • Presentation of the best candidates
  • Negotiation of a contract
  • Employment of the candidate and on-boarding
  • Follow-up in relation to the client and the candidate.

The price is the expected overall pay package times 1.5 – the minimum amount being DKK 50,000 excluding VAT and besides we grant a 6-month guarantee that provides full cover.

What does the guarantee cover?

If an employee chooses himself/herself to leave the company or is dismissed within the guarantee period (counted in months after his/her employment), Totem will resume the task without a fee provided that there have been no changes to the role or field of responsibility of the candidate that have had a (negative) impact on the employment relationship.

What is meant by “IN”?

Our task is to act in your company and in collaboration with you so that we match what you need. We will take on as much of the recruitment process as you want us to. From presentation of candidates you can recruit yourselves via screening and selection to the entire process when you need to find and employ one or more new employees.

Contact information


Gl. Kongevej 102, 1st floor left

DK-1850 Frederiksberg

Telephone +45 22 22 00 02