CO-Placement premium

You attend to your job while we attend to your career

Briefly, the concept is that you attend to your job while we attend to your career

Imagine a professional sportsperson...

Imagine the football player who wants to join a new club and who may be able to be a midfield player and an attacking player… Elite sports performers naturally and obviously have a personal agent. The agent represents them and is visible when they change clubs or their contract is renewed. It is the agent who proactively contacts new, potential clubs on behalf of the player. The agent knows his players, their qualifications, level and versatility in depth and he may also contact the club that he can see lacks a forward even though the club at first believed that a contract should be concluded with a midfielder.

The player attends to his job with his team mates in the field while the agent looks after the interests outside the turf. The agent represents the player 100 per cent and concentrates completely on finding the right club and obtaining the best conditions for the player. That is exactly what we do. For you. In the job market.

We have a good idea how you look...

Typically, you hold a top position and want to decide yourself how and when you proceed in your career. It is difficult for you to look for new options yourself. It takes time and there is an obvious risk that you will be externally exposed. It becomes visible to internal stakeholders that you are planning a career shift, which is rarely perceived positively by everybody around you.

It is a dilemma for you to be looking for a job yourself. Many people find it quite humiliating and non-equal to present and give an initial introduction of themselves. This is where CO-Placement comes into your working life.

What is the concept?

We are your personal executive coach and consultant. And not least, we are your placement agent. Most often, you will be anonymous when we present you for the first time to a coming new employer. CO-Placement is the movement and activity you engage in to achieve a targeted choice and planning of career.

We attend to the practical aspects. CO-Placement is a new concept that occurs while you are in employment. Outplacement is an established concept and an acknowledged term. Outplacement occurs for (newly) dismissed employees. It is the former employer who pays for outplacement whereas you pay for CO-Placement yourself. CO-Placement is pre-termination of employment (by the employee himself/herself) Outplacement is post-termination of employment (of the employee).

While you concentrate on your work, we concentrate on your career...

There is a conflict of interests between looking after one’s career and attending to one’s job. If you focus on optimising your career there may be priorities and decisions that are not optimal for the enterprise. To optimise your career, you need to put yourself first in certain situations, which may be negative for the enterprise.

In addition, career planning requires concentration and takes focus away from the tasks you have been employed for.

At the same time, if you go job hunting yourself, it involves great risk of broader exposure, for example also to the present enterprise with a consequent notion of disloyalty.

Until now you have not had the possibility of outsourcing activation of your candidacy. You do now. We represent you as a candidate. We give you first priority. And we look for new options on your behalf in relation to identifying potential positions/jobs/enterprises.

What does “CO” mean?

Co for correct & complete placement. Co for coach, cooperation, commitment & codex. CO-Placement is a new concept. CO-Placement is an entirely new category and ranks higher than traditional recruitment and outplacement at all levels from which a number of elements are also part of the service.

The agent part of CO-Placement is unique. Totem has extensive networks in Denmark supplemented with international contacts.

How can I be taken into consideration and am I in the target group?

You can be taken into consideration if you want to take your career seriously and plan the road to the position(s) of the future with us at the helm.

You are in the target group when you are aware of and targeted towards your own professional career and you give priority to being concerned with personal development, the time to prepare a CV, a LinkedIn profile etc. and you are willing to pay for CO-Placement.

Typically, you are still in employment and are looking for both a sparring partner to target your future career and an active agent who represents you so that you remain anonymous until specific contact has been established between you and the enterprise.

CO-Placement can be seen as the opposite of enlisting and recruiting because CO-Placement is proactivity and determination centred on you, rather than the enterprise. It is the forward-looking action that you and we take jointly to optimise your career.

CO-Placement is for those who are at the leading edge and who want to jostle for position for the next job without losing focus or compromising their present job. It applies to for example members of the senior management and chief executives at C level (CEO, CFO, COO etc.), executives with a special function, country managers, mid-level managers and experts. CO-Placement includes also directorships.

What is your output?

You get both your own personal agent and at the same time a process that upgrades and targets your career. It is:

  • Preparation/makeover of a CV
  • Preparation/makeover of a LinkedIn profile
  • Preparation and acid test of a pitch talk
  • Tests (personality and logic)
  • Discussions and executive coaching
  • Active identification and contact to enterprises on your behalf

In the process, also e.g. professional and personal qualifications, time horizon, geography, your values, your ability to cope, discussion technique etc. are mapped out and considered.


You pay for CO-Placement. It is your investment. You get your own personal agent, executive coaching and career counselling.

The price of the CO-placement premium service is DKK 60,000 including VAT. It is valid for 12 months and includes all services mentioned here.

As agents, we play an active role in placing you in a job or on a board of directors. During this process, we have also identified your qualifications, strong points and personality via interviews and tests. We have also adjusted expectations and ambitions and made a career plan for you. The plan that we use as a starting point as your agent when we contact the enterprises where we can see that you are a good match.

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