Totem has a vast experience with recruitment processes, and even we have to agree that the underlying processes have really not changed over the years. Everything has been digitalized, but behind that, the models are the same.

Our recruitment process is as described below:
  • Making a profile and description of the role and
  • Go-to-market with the position on relevant media (digital and/or print)
  • Screening of candidates
  • Personal interviews (sometimes via Skype / phone)
  • Personalitytests
  • IQ-tests
  • Cases
  • Reference-calling
  • Presentation of the best candidates
  • Contract negotiation, where Totem can be of assistance
  • Hiring of the candidate
  • We follow up with both the candidate and the client at least 2 times during the probationary period

Solved positions

Over the years we have worked with cases on all levels in a vast array of industries - the positions include everything from graphic assistants to CEOs, and the clients include everything from software development companies to marketing bureaus.