I highly recommend Totem after using them for 10 years

“I have used Totem about 25 times for about 10 years for recruitment of top management-level in an international organization to middle-level positions and important key positions. I have furthermore used them for about 10 outplacements. In all cases I was very pleased and satisfied with the result.”

- Niels Elers Koch, CEO, Trap Danmark A/S

An insightful, trustworthy and very intelligent coach

“I have used Totem, herunder Torsten Miland, as a career coach on senior management level. The purpose was to evaluate and reconsider my situation and reflect on my professional career. Torsten Miland is an insightful, trustworthy and very intelligent coach. I have full trust in him and would recommend Torsten to all senior managers that would like to reflect on their own situation and their impact on others.”

Jacob Goltermann, Chief Business Consultant, Strategic Research, SimCorp.