PeopleTools is the name of six Danish developed profiling tools for recruitment and development.

These tools are available in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English and German. The strength of PeopleTools tools is coherent language and uniform expression across all profiles, and the fact that one tool package and one certification enables the organization to solve all tasks in which the use of personal profiles is appropriate. At the same time the familiarity of the tools in recruitment, team building, leadership development and other things, gives a better understanding, consolidation and development results.

PeopleTools is also a network. The network of certified PeopleTools users (HR staff in companies and consulting firms) regularly exchange experiences from different recruitment processes and a number of other HR processes. The company has its own website.

PeopleTools system was originally developed by Candover. psych. Mogens Kaalbye and later acquired by the former. CEO of Oticon, Lars Kolind and his wife Vibeke Riemer.

The six PeopleTools profile tools are developed and based on theory, empirical data and many years of experience.

  • Person profile - when you need a detailed picture of a person, for example in context with recruitment, employee and/or leadership development, choosing key personnel, composition of management groups or high performance teams, job appraisals, career counseling, etc.
  • Leader Profile - when you need to provide systematic feedback to the manager (in a 360 degree perspective).
  • Cooperation Profile - when you work with the person in relation to the project or department and want to strengthen and develop cooperation between the employees.
  • Development / Innovation Profile - when you need to identify the company, group or person's capacity in innovation and flexibility.
  • Conflict Profile - when you need to identify actual or potential conflicts in a group - and teach the group to constructively deal with conflicts.
  • Organization Profile - when you must uncover the organization or selected departments' strengths and development areas.

For more information about how we can help you and/or your company by using PeopleTools, you're welcome to get in touch with us.

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